Note Taking and Design Thinking: Was haben die zwei miteinander zu tun ?

Beispielhaft an hand von Innovation Design in Education

Sketchnotes sind eine Form von visual note taking…

Too often, we have students take down the information they need from the board, interactive or not, via handwritten information or PowerPoint slides. The interaction or engagement with the material is minimal. Sketchnoting is a higher order process of capturing information. It requires a combination of listening, thinking, and visualizing at the same time. It goes in a constant circular motion and pushes the listener to funnel through the information for the most important parts or patterns. By filtering out the noise, the sketchnoter learns to look for patterns or an anchor around the main idea to focus on the key aspects that support it.

And you’ve to know: With sketchnotes, you don’t need to be an artist…;)

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