Prototyping – there is no six-step process to design nirvana

Prototyping – there is no six-step process to design nirvana

Process with stumbling blocks:
–> Understand
–> Observe
–> Ideate
–> Prototype
–> Test
… and cycle back to Step 1

This post I found in my linked-in group.
After practicing the design process I think Diego Rodriguez had put out a moot point
in the design thinking subject–> read more


One of a follower wrote about the topic: »Managers should trust people over processes, and create some space for creativity and failure. That was one of the reasons to start my blog«:

NEW !!! Stanford University’s Design thinking course

Design Thinking Action Lab | NovoEd

This online course was developed as part of Epicenter’s efforts to infuse entrepreneurship and innovation into undergraduate engineering education. Engineering students will be able to apply these design thinking tools and skills to enhance their technical education. Faculty will have the opportunity to join a dedicated discussion group on how to incorporate new online learning resources into their teaching practices. Learn more about Epicenter at Sign up for the Epicenter newsletter for updates on programs and opportunities for engineering students and faculty at

Start of Design Thinking Course

Design thinking group at his first working week meetup

Um an diesem sehr spannenden 5-wöchigen lab-course teilnehmen zu können, habe ich die >München Design Thinking Group< auf meetup gegründet.

6 Leute, die in München leben und von dem course gelesen hatten, haben sich zusammengefunden und die ideale Voraussetzung für eine DT Projekt entstehen lassen:
spread of diversity ! –>

  • IT Product manager
  • Media Design Master
  • Product design engineer
  • Graphic design specialist
  • Visual facilitator and Illustrator
  • Architect.

im Alter von 24-50

Wir sind in der 2. Work-Woche, es macht unheimlich Spaß, ist maximal kreativ und ideensprundelnd. Der beste Weg etwas zu lernen: Just do it!

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