The Life of a Graphic Facilitator – The Book

by Alfredo Carlo, illustrations by Irene Coletto
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Graphic Facilitation is a very important tool to help the world move towards better conversations and, therefore, better relationships and collaboration. However, sometimes it is misinterpreted in what it really is, looking like it’s „just“ great illustrations and comics while, when well done, it has a much deeper impact and meaning. arts and boards

to who’s talking, helping the flow and the quality of the conversation.


made by #Housatonic

a Graphic Facilitation studio based in Bologna, Italy. We specialise in supporting teams and companies to visualise their ideas, and help them make their work and their teams faster and more effective through the use of visuals. We are a team of 16 people working as graphic recorders, content managers, animators, researchers and video makers….

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